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Lucky Bitcoin Casino

Lucky Bitcoin Casino

Lucky Bitcoin Casino is another exclusive bitcoin gaming site that, in no way, should be mistaken for “The Lucky Bitcoin” since they are two totally different gaming entities. This casino is known for allowing withdrawals that are even faster than actual deposits; in fact, Lucky Bitcoin Casino processes deposits within half an hour, while all withdrawals are instant!

Lucky Bitcoin Casino boasts a number of benefits that gives this entertainment site an edge over others. In the first instance, gaming on this site is instant without the need for downloading and installing any software. Each player can select from a wide array of thirty – six different games, including Poker, Slots, Baccarat, Craps and Blackjack. In this casino, however, registration is required before gaming can commence. A valid email ID is required for the same.

There is always an available table ready at Lucky Bitcoin Casino. For players who prefer to keep spending at a minimum, chips valued at 0,001 bitcoins are readily available. Before embarking on the fun trip with real money at this casino, players can first settle in comfortably by playing for fun. Once competence and confidence are at their highest, spending real money to secure real payments can commence.

Winning at Lucky Bitcoin Casino is not only limited to playing. Any registered member can take full advantage of their referral system to invite others to sign up and play. In doing so, players can earn a referral commission. Lucky Bitcoin Casino provides support service around the clock. The latest winners are usually featured on the site.

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The Lucky Bitcoin

The Lucky Bitcoin

The Lucky Bitcoin is a unique bitcoin gaming site. This site is specifically recognized for the speed with which both deposits and withdrawals are carried out. Another salient feature of interest is that all players can enjoy the entertainment and gains with total anonymity. At The Lucky Bitcoin, the only aspects that are taken into account are the transactions conducted and the games that are played. This method ensures that your personal identification is never revealed in any moment.

The Lucky Bitcoin maintains a “provably fair” concept. This gives players the full authority to verify that each game is fairly played before betting. This gaming site runs smoothly on Google Chrome or FireFox browser. The procedure for getting started is clearly outlined on the site. Basically, a player is expected to provide a bitcoin address, which would both serve as the account information and the bitcoin account to which withdrawals would be automatically sent. Subsequently, each player would be provided with a bitcoin address to which all deposits would be made.

A cashout icon on the website facilitates easy automatic withdrawals. The recent winnings are featured and updated continuously on the website. A support section permits easy access to the administrative body, in case of any queries or concerns that arise during the course of the gaming session. For this purpose, an email address and the bitcoin account of each player is required. The Lucky Bitcoin has a special area dedicated to answering most of the frequently asked questions so as to avoid unnecessary contacting of the customer support.

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BitZino Casino

BitZino Casino

BitZino casino is another relatively new bitcoin casino that utilizes the HTLM5 browser and facilitates ease of access to games. Unlike more sophisticated casinos, Bitzino ensures that you can initiate all the fun and games without having to download and install any software. For players who may be skeptical about playing, this casino ensures that they can practice as much as they like. There is a special section dedicated to practice; you can begin using “play money” and as you gain confidence and skills, you can later commence with real money.

Bitzino Casino also boasts fairness and integrity. Each game is governed by codes from the casino server and the clients. This ensures that no change is made once the game has started. This method employed gives each player the confidence that each game is unbiased and not predetermined.

The available games include Craps, Roulette, Slots and Poker, among others. Each game carries a variety of options from which to choose. The BitZino News section provides regular updates to all members and visitors about the new features of the casino.
Deposits are usually carried out instantly and this reduces the hassles of having to wait long hours before starting to play.

Regular withdrawals are processed within 24 hours. There are special cases where withdrawals are made in installments. These cases apply to requests that exceed 500 bitcoins. In such cases, the casino reserves the right to pay members in 14 days installments.

BitZino provides customer service via email. Their representatives are always standing by to assist. It is recommended that members provide their account name, along with other details in order to speed up the process.

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Playtin Casino Review

Playtin Casino Review

Playtin Casino is a very simplified version of bitcoin casinos. This casino operates in HTML5 format and bypasses the need for having to download any gaming software or interface in order to start playing. Playtin casino operates at an optimum level using Google Chrome, although users of Firefox can also play in fine style and comfort.

Playtin Casino enables an instant depositing method by which players can quickly fund their accounts and get started right away. Bitcoin serves as the primary source of transaction although Litecoins have been introduced as a second option.

Playtin has a specific way to assure its players that each game is played with same level of fairness and transparency. The user gets the chance to preview the specific identification used for the game and in turn, a client code is requested. Once these secret codes are locked in, there is no way for any changes to be made. This ensures that the result is unbiased.

All of the information that is exchanged over the server is totally encrypted. This prevents any loss or stealing of data in the case of hacking efforts made. Your identity and details are fully protected and you don’t have to worry about the possibility of identity theft. Furthermore, Playtin casino carries out all transactions and data storage offsite. This enables users to safely deposit and withdraw knowing that their earnings or bankroll is managed in a highly protected setting.

Some of the games available at this online casino are clearly displayed on the site. These include Roulette, Keno, Easy Hold’em and Red Dog, among others. You can also benefit from the referral program that Playtin casino offers. Start playing with Playtin and experience the difference for yourself!

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Bitcoplay Casino Review

Bitcoplay Casino Review

Bitcoplay casino is perhaps one of the newest bitcoin casinos to join the list of professional gaming and entertainment sites of the internet. On opening the site, you are greeted with a very eye-catching lobby that initiates the feel of the “casino life”. Examples of a variety of games that are offered can be seen in the lobby. This is a good place to start selecting your choices since the process is easier and the lobby is very user – friendly.

Bitcoplay Promotions

Bitcoplay casino offers the unique chance of receiving a 100% welcome bonus to all new players. This exciting opportunity is limited to your initial deposit and carries a bonus limit of up to three bitcoins. In order to qualify for the welcome bonus match – up, new players must ensure that they make an initial spending of at least 0.5 bitcoins. The use of the welcome bonus is instant since the same is added to your account immediately after depositing.

Other salient features of Bitcoplay casino

Once you have successfully started your journey of profitable entertainment, be sure to look out for your username of the “winnings” section of the website. All winners are featured on this winning board so as to keep an optimum level of transparency. Bitcoplay runs on the well known Playborne Casino software platform, which bears a valid gaming license.

Customer Service

A support section is available to attend to all the needs of clients or visitors. Phone support and a live chat box allow quick access to customer service representatives. In case of queries or concerns of lesser urgency, the email center can be exploited for contacting the representatives.

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Strike Sapphire Casino Review

Strike Sapphire Casino Review

Strike Sapphire Casino has been around for nearly two years in the gaming industry. This casino comes to you via an interactive interface and runs on a customized script that is designed and owned by a group of experts, who also dedicate themselves to the software business. Unlike other casinos, Strike Sapphire provides a unique opportunity for gamers to actively participate in more than one table at the same time. For players who love to multitask, this is an awesome chance to secure winnings at a faster rate.

Strike Sapphire casino guarantees a wide range of table games including the famous Texas Hold’em poker, craps, blackjack and roulette. As a provider of bitcoin services, Strike Sapphire Casino explains the level of freedom and safety that a player experiences with the use of this payment processor. The ease of deposits and withdrawals is another feature of utter importance. The owners of this online casino strongly oppose the idea of withholding players from cashing out for long periods. They believe in fairness and complete transparency.

Strike Sapphire Casino boasts two membership levels: Silver Star and gold Star. This creates a wide range of gaming opportunities to fit the pockets of all gamers. The Silver Star membership caters for smaller bank rolls while the Gold Star membership would accommodate bigger stake players. No one gets left out!

This international casino also caters for special events that are planned by groups or communities. These events range from private tournaments to charity events. Special arrangements can be easily scheduled with the casino beforehand, in order to host the event. Customer Service is guaranteed through a diverse array of options. These options include telephone, email, skype and other chatting services.

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BC Casino Review

BC Casino Review

BC Casino is one of the outstanding bitcoin gaming and entertainment sites and has been fully operational for over two years. Its’ professionally built website acts as a non-stop gaming hub for thousands of players worldwide. Like most of these excellent bitcoin gambling sites, BC casino focuses on ensuring that a high level of service is delivered to every player. BC casino boasts a huge spectrum of gaming options that is forever expanding with the addition of new and exciting ones.

BC Casino promotions and bonuses

BC casino provides each new client with a generous welcome deposit bonus equivalent to 20% of the initial deposit. One significant feature of this casino is that the actual bitcoin payments are converted into casino credits, thereby simulating the feeling of real casinos.

Other significant features of BC Casino

BC casino runs on one of the best software platforms in the gaming industry. Unlike many other casinos, it maintains anonymity of gamers. This is an important aspect for many people who are concerned about safety on the internet and identity theft. With a simple email address, you are in for a world of excitement and profitable gains!

Another salient characteristic about BC casino is that it provides all the requisite information about depositing to and withdrawing from the casino. These instructions are clear cut and aid in guiding players through the use of the bitcoin processor. Withdrawals from BC casino are instant and this helps with gaining the trust of players. No one wants to win and then be compelled to wait long hours for their cash-out!

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